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Board of Directors

Board Members are nominated and elected annually by the current Board of Directors. The terms of service are rotated to retain experience but also provide fresh ideas from new members. The Board will always have external “community members” to truly reflect the needs/desires of the community we serve.

Board  Executive Officers
President - Don McWhorter          Treasurer - Otto Korth
Vice President - Sim Crisler           Secretary - Charley Garrett

Board Members
ExOfficio - Darian Krimm
-----Community members------
 Dupuy Sears                 Debbie Ogle
---------Choir Members----------
Bill Bowling                    Charley Garrett
Carol Brewton                Otto Korth   
Harrison Cain                 Don McWhorter
Sim Crisler                      Debbie Ogle
Tim Frazier                     Dupuy Sears
Jerry Fulks

Policy and Procedure