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The Sons of LaFayette Male Choir is comprised of volunteer men that enjoy vocal and instrumental music. We proudly serve the West Central Georgia and East Central Alabama area by creating entertainment and enrichment through the music we present. It is our goal to identify the interests of the people in the community and produce top quality presentations that will provide cultural and life enhancing events 2 to 4 times per year for their enjoyment. We also have ensemble groups of men who prepare and present music for smaller venues at various times. We have traveled outside this area occasionally, to places including Atlanta GA, Greenville SC and Cornwall UK

We welcome any male in the area to audition with our Artistic Director for placement into the appropriate section. You can join us in presenting uplifting, entertaining music to the community.

We treasure your attendance at our next presentation to share in this experience. Please feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our musical organization.

About the talented people of The Sons Of Lafayette

Artistic Director -

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Darian Krimm will be the Interim Artistic Director for the Sons of Lafayette Fall/Winter concert season. See Darian’s bio for details of his excellent background and experience. We look forward to working with Darian to bring quality music to the community.

Accompanist - Eve McKibben

Eve received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Georgia College and State University, where she studied piano and organ. Eve serves as Organist/Choir Director for Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in Hogansville. She is also accompanist for the Troup High School Theater and Choral Departments. Eve lives in Hogansville with her husband John. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Board of Directors

Board Members are nominated and elected by the current Board of Directors. The terms of service are rotated to retain experience but also provide fresh ideas from new members. The Board will always have external "community members" to truly reflect the needs/desires of the community we serve.

Board  Executive Officers

   President - Don McWhorter     Treasurer - Otto Korth

   Vice President - Bettie Biggs    Secretary - Charley Garrett

Board Members

   ExOfficio -

Community members

   Mrs. Betty Biggs

   Mrs. Kaye Minchew

   Dave Martin

Choir Members

   Charles Boswell                               Bill Harris

   Brent Bullington                              Otto Korth

   Harrison Cain                                   Don McWhorter

   Terry Cobb                                      Charley Garrett

   Steve Earles

   Dail Fields


Shoal Creek

   Terry Cobb

   Charley Garrett

   Otto Korth

   James Rimmer

The Harmonizers

   A group of 8-12 members. The group participation varies depending on work schedules. This group presents in smaller venues where the larger group cannot fit and at times that are inconvenient for most members of the full choir.